AC Installation and Repair Testimonials

Thermocool is pleased to do business with our Leesburg friends and neighbors (plus folks in Ocala, Fruitland Park and The Villages) in their homes and at their places of business. We can repair or replace your air conditioning unit, and help you stay comfortable year round with installation or repair of your heating system.

Please review the testimonials on this page. You’ll find reviews by Leesburg folks like you, who have come to depend on Thermocool during regular business hours and for emergency HVAC services.

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  • “Exceeded my expectations! Both Eric and Warren did a professional job & my garage has never been cleaner.”
    George H.
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  • “Your team service was satisfactory. Also good personality. They take time to explain how the unit works.”
    Cindy S.
  • “Excellent Job! I am very satisfied! I wanted a quiet unit, its more than I expected.”
    Patrick L.
  • “I have in the past used another company but I had to call you out to fix their mistakes and fibs so I have learned my lesson. You are fair and honest. I will use no other.”
    Sandra F.
  • “Thank you for allowing us to use your portable AC unit while the completion of the installation of the new system in our property…Thanks again for your thoughfulness and time you took from your busy time to bring it to us. “
    J. Jerris
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