Cooling Know How: When To Call A Technician

technicianYou may be very handy around your home. You can fix several things on your own and yes this will save you money. Part of being handy around the home is knowing when to call in a professional. There are some things you can do on your own when it comes to your cooling unit. You will also find there are some things that are better left to the professionals when it comes to fixing certain aspects of your unit. Here are a few ways you can tell if it is time to call someone or if you can do it yourself. Be sure if you notice these signs you call someone to come out.


Hot Air Blowing Out

If you have hot air coming out of your air conditioner unit when it is supposed to be cold, you should give them a call. These problems can be caused by a leak in the refrigerant system. That has to be fixed by someone with the certifications to fix it. You cannot just go buy refrigerant to replace what is lost. Be sure you give them a call so they can take care of the system and charge it back up for you. It may be a small leak but could cost you big time if you do not have it fixed quickly.


Continuously Running

If you start to notice your unit is running all the time you need to call someone. They can come out and find out the problem. It could be that you have leaky duct work and that takes certain skill and tools to fix it properly. Your thermostat could also be broken and it is not registering the right temperature on your system. This can cause an overload on the system and make your unit run out faster than it should. If you have already replaced your thermostat and this did not fix your problem, give them a call.


Frozen Unit

Your unit may freeze over sometimes. If you defrost the unit, start it back up and it does it again you want to call out your technician. They can come find out if there is a leak in the system or if something is blocking the system. You can try to clean out the areas that you think it might be and if that doesn’t work it could be something deeper in the system.

These are all great times to know when to call your air conditioner technician out or if you can fix it yourself. You want to know when to call it quits and call in the professional. Sometimes fixing it on your own can save you money and other times it can cost you more in the end.

Be sure you talk with your technician and tell them all the signs you are seeing on what is going on with your AC unit. This can help them diagnose the problem and have you a solution in no time.

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