Does homeowners insurance cover AC unit breakdowns?

Does homeowners insurance cover AC unit breakdowns?

Living without air conditioning can sometimes be difficult. Especially for those who live in areas where summer temperatures get close to and sometimes go over 100 degrees. When the air conditioning unit stops efficiently working, it might be necessary to contact a local Leesburg cooling company to take a look at it. The technician from the cooling company will be able to help determine what is wrong and how to fix it.

However, depending upon what is wrong with the air conditioning unit, it could be costly to repair. Depending upon what the problems are, a homeowner’s insurance policy may help pay for the repairs and/or replacement of the AC unit.

In the case that the AC unit is broken, destroyed or damaged, there are some cases when having a homeowner’s insurance policy can help. If Mother Nature is to blame, such as snow or ice, repairs and/or replacement of the unit may be covered by the policy. For example, the AC unit gets covered in ice causing the pipes within the unit to freeze or burst. This situation may be covered under an insurance policy.

Other cases where the repairs may be covered by insurance include lightning strikes, fires, theft or vandalism. Another great example of when the AC unit repairs may be covered is when a tree falls on the unit. Some policies will cover situations where objects fall onto the AC unit causing severe damage. However, the policy will not cover damage caused by something dropped into the unit by kids or even adults in the household.

Should the AC unit become damaged due to a maintenance issue or normal wear-and-tear the insurance policy will not cover repair and/or replacement costs. Insurance policies do not cover units that are old and need replacing due to age. In some cases, window units will not be covered either. This is mostly because they are considered personal property and not part of the home’s structure.

Homeowners who are unsure if their AC unit repairs are covered by their insurance policy or not should check with their insurance agent. It is always best to double check than to have to pay for repairs that may have been covered.

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