What to Do About an Underperforming Air Conditioner

What to Do About an Underperforming Air Conditioner

It doesn’t take long for the Florida heat to make residents think of hiring a cooling company in Leesburg. After all, even in the so-called winter, it can easily reach 75 degrees or more. If something’s wrong with the air conditioner, that fact can become obvious very fast. Here are some of the top questions and issues that arise concerning A/C:

Is it True That Cleaning the Outdoor Unit Can Fix Lackluster A/C?

In some cases, this is indeed the case. Fallen leaves or tall weeds can become thick enough to prevent the system from being able to efficiently lose its collected heat. Then, the system either cools poorly or not at all. In extreme cases, it can even send heat back into the building’s interior.

This issue is more likely to affect residential and small commercial units than big, industrial-sized ones. That’s because the huge outdoor units that serve large buildings are tall enough that most weeds are too short to block them up so badly. Still, the tops of these units should be checked for leaves, especially during the winter. Live oaks may not seem to lose their leaves, but they actually drop plenty of them during the short-day season.

What About Units That Perform Poorly Despite Being Clean?

It’s best to contact a professional when this situation arises. There’s a good chance that there is a coolant leak somewhere in the lines. Leaks allow the coolant, which is the lifeblood of the system, to dissipate into the air. Over time, the air conditioner loses its ability to properly cool.

If no leaks are found, further diagnostics will need to be done to locate the problem. Fortunately, cooling companies have standardized procedures that allow their techs to quickly find such issues. Then, repairs can be suggested according to the protocols for the make and model of air conditioner in question.

Finding a Cooling Company

Following certain standard tips will help in finding a qualified cooling company to fix or replace an air conditioner. Look for experienced, licensed, insured businesses with great reviews. On top of that, it’s a good idea to pay attention to security. Avoid fraud by choosing a company that will forward a picture of their tech along with his or her company ID. Then, there’ll be no doubt as to who to look for when the knock comes at the door.


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