A Basic Overview of Hybrid Heating

A Basic Overview of Hybrid Heating

When it comes to residential heating and cooling services, there appears to be a new kid on the block: hybrid heating. While the initial impression paints hybrid heating systems as simply a more efficient version of the common HVAC system, the truth is that there’s more to the heating system than meets the eye. Here are a few things to know about hybrid heating.


General Take


Typically, a HVAC system will combine an air conditioning unit with a heating furnace. Combine those two components together, and a HVAC system is what will invariably be produced. However, a hybrid heating system swaps the AC unit out for a heat pump. In a relatively hot climate, that heat pump porks to fill the role of the air conditioning component by helping to keep a home fresh and cool. On the other hand, during colder times, the heat pump will work vigorously to pump heat throughout the home. Modern hybrid heating systems track the changes in temperature and adjusts the energy use, focusing on saving the most amount of money on energy as possible. With this system, the hybrid heating unit will produce significantly less waste, all the while greatly reducing homeowners’ carbon footprints.


Saving Energy With Hybrid Heating Systems


Hybrid heating systems work to save homeowner energy and money in a variety of ways, one of which is the way it generates heat. Rather than use a burning flame and maintain it with a constant fuel feed, a hybrid heating system instead focuses more on the distribution of substances such as puron refrigerant to impact the change of temperature found in a home. Direct current motor-based fans are responsible for the wholly uniform spreading of the hot or cold air. Annually, homeowners tend to save 3 – 4% on their HVAC unit costs when switching to a hybrid heating system. Of course, savings depend entirely on the homeowner in question; it’s best to cover all bases by consulting a local utility provider. These companies can perform a cost- and energy-savings analysis for switching over to a hybrid heating system, and how the costs look when compared to the home’s current system.


An Attractive Option


Of course, the field of hybrid heating systems has plenty of room for growth. However, it has already gotten off to a tremendous start. Even compared to the recent, relatively energy efficient iterations of classic heating systems, hybrid heating systems simply cut too many costs for homeowners to say “no” to. Any honest heating and cooling company in Leesburg will openly tout the benefits of hybrid heating systems. These units not only lower the need to consume precious fossil fuels, they effectively combine intricate mechanical components to do so. The science behind hybrid heating systems is fascinating, and there is plenty to look forward to in the future of this technology.



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