Air Conditioning Repair in Leesburg Can Stop Dripping Water Damage

Air Conditioning Repair in Leesburg Can Stop Dripping Water Damage

Air conditioning units have parts both inside and outside of the home. Though the part outside is much easier to see and keep clean, the part inside is just as important. There are a number of problems that can occur with the inside unit, but one of the most noticeable and common is dripping water. Many homeowners won’t realize that the unit needs attention until they start to see water stains appearing on the ceiling or wall.

When water is coming from the indoor unit, homeowners should turn the AC off and call a technician as soon as possible to get everything running properly again. The technician will come out and investigate the problem. Usually the cause is a clogged line that can be quickly fixed to get the home back to a cool and comfortable temperature again.

Where does the water come from?

In addition to pumping cool air throughout a home, an air conditioner also sucks humidity from the air to keep it dry and comfortable. The AC unit draws in air that is humid and warm and uses the cold evaporator coil to cool the air. Condensation then forms on the coil and drips down into a catch pan to be drained out. The pan has a condensate drain line that slopes down from the unit to an area outside of the home or into the plumbing.

If water is dripping into the home from the AC unit, this likely means that the condensate drain line is clogged with something. These units generally have a backup drain line in case of a clog, but if this too is clogged, then a leak will be the result. Left unchecked, this leak can damage insulation and drywall in the home, requiring an expensive and involved repair process to restore it to normal.

How can the drain line be unclogged?

Clogged drain lines are a common issue prompting air conditioning repair in Leesburg, and a technician can usually solve it in a very short visit. The drain line is usually a pipe made of PVC. It can become clogged by anything from dirt and mold, to insects or very small creatures. The repair technician can use a wet-dry vacuum to draw out the obstruction and clear the way for flowing water once more. This may need to be done for both the main pipe and the backup drain line.

The technician may then inspect the unit itself to see if a dirty evaporator coil is causing the problem. The evaporator coil could be putting dirt into the condensing water, which causes the clogged pipe. Having the coil cleaned is part of important preventative maintenance that should occur at least once a year.

Leaking water may seem like a small problem at first, but it can cause severe damage unless it is attended to immediately. If a homeowner notices water leaking from their unit, they should call a repairperson as soon as possible for air conditioning repair. Leesburg residents can keep their homes cool and dry all year round with regular professional help.

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