Make Air Conditioning More Efficient And Affordable

Make Air Conditioning More Efficient And Affordable

Anyone who lives in Florida probably relies a great deal on their air conditioners to make it through the heat that lasts for most of the year. This means that quite a bit of energy and money can go into keeping the house cool, especially if everything isn’t as efficient as it could be. Paying to keep a home comfortably heated or cooled is not generally an optional expense, but air conditioning can be made less costly by taking measures to make it more efficient.


Homeowners can make heating and cooling more affordable and greener with a combination of advanced technology, preventative measures, routine maintenance, and AC repair as-needed. These techniques are easy to use, and homeowners will know that the methods are working when they see lower energy bills.


Have the ducts cleaned and checked for leaks

Leaky air ducts can cause an air conditioner to run very inefficiently because the cooled air is leaking out before it travels to various rooms. Ducts can also be a problem if they are dirty and filled with dust or debris; this further reduces how effectively the air is pushed from the unit to all of the rooms. Homeowners can prevent these problems by having the ducts cleaned and checked for leaks at least once a year with quality AC repair in Leesburg. A Leesburg technician will clear the ducts to keep air flowing easily, and seal up leaks to make sure cooled air only comes out where it’s supposed to.


Use a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows a homeowner to set specific temperatures for the home at specific times. If everyone is at work or school during the day, the temperature doesn’t need to be kept as cool as when they return home. This takes stress off the AC system and lowers the bill, too. Many thermostats allow for a variety of temperature settings, so the home can remain as comfortable as possible. These thermostats can be obtained and installed by a technician for AC repair in Leesburg.


Ceiling fans can push air down or draw it up

Many people don’t realize that ceiling fans can spin in both directions, or that they can be switched back and forth according to the weather. When the weather is hot, the fan should spin in a counter-clockwise direction to push the air down and give the effect of a cooling breeze. When the heat is running, the fan should spin clockwise to draw the cold air in the room upward and push warm air down. Ceiling fans can help make heating and cooling systems much more effective.


Replace air filters regularly

The air filter is what helps keep an air conditioning unit from blowing dusty, dirty, allergen-filled air around the home. Air filters must be replaced at least every other month, if not more frequently, to keep the air clean and allow the AC to run at its best. A dirty filter blocks air flow, making the whole system less efficient. Not only can clean filters help keep the home cooler and the bill lower, they can also keep the home cleaner, too.

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