Energy Savings with AC Repair in Leesburg

Energy Savings with AC Repair in Leesburg

Energy Save 101 Tips concerning home cooling indicate that only six percent of home energy is used for keeping a space cool. However, reports also suggest that households seeking AC repair in Leesburg could take action to decrease energy use by 20-50 percent.

One of the most common forms of energy cost reduction is to perform regular filter maintenance. For instance, HVAC unit filters changed at least as often as every three months makes a difference. In fact, a popular recommendation is to check the filters once a month. Regular filter replacement often prevents dust and dirt buildup that leads to more expensive repairs or replacements.

Other methods of reducing energy costs and improving air conditioner efficiency include as follows:

  • A yearly HVAC tune-up – This includes a variety of actions such as frequently checking thermostat settings and tightening all electrical connections when necessary. It also typically involves confirming all cooling components are properly lubricated. Other common tune-up activities include inspecting the drain to make sure it is not plugged and checking system controls.
  • A programmable thermostat – This device turns the air conditioning on at the times of the day when cooling is most necessary. This device could save a household approximately $180 per year.
  • Heating and cooling duct seals – Making sure ducts are sealed can improve efficiency of a heating and cooling system by up to 20 percent. This includes using mastic or foil tape to seal the seams and duct connections.
  • Proper installation of certified equipment – Sometimes, making sure HVAC systems are properly installed can improve efficiency rates by as much as 30 percent. This pertains to units currently in place as well as system upgrades.
  • Central air refrigerant level checks – Making sure just the right amount of refrigerant is in a cooling system is another way to reduce energy costs.
  • Coil and blower inspections and cleaning – Dirty coils typically makes a system run for longer than ordinarily would be necessary. It also could reduce the life span of HVAC equipment. The same is true if blower components are not cleaned and inspected often enough. However, efficiency can be improved by 15 percent or more with regular maintenance.


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