Common Air Conditioning Issues That Are Easy (for Professionals) to Fix (Part 1)

Common Air Conditioning Issues That Are Easy (for Professionals) to Fix (Part 1)

Most homeowners with a considerable amount of experience in home owning are well aware of the myriad of issues that can befall an air conditioning system. From the coolant to the filter to the duct, virtually every component that goes into an air conditioning unit is bound to go faulty at some point. While there are several key home repairs that homeowners can take on themselves, fixing a myriad of air conditioning issues is not among them. In all cases, for the safety of the homeowner and the health of the air conditioning unit, it’s best to call a trusted AC repair company in Leesburg in order to get the best service possible for a faulty AC unit.

Comfort is Lacking

Some homeowners note that their air conditioning systems turn off or on despite the established comfortable temperature level of the house. In this case, the solution might be relocating the thermostat to another area in the house. If the thermostat box happens to be hit by direct sunlight at certain times every day, or if it’s within close proximity to an oven or another similar heat source, it might be experiencing difficulty in reading the proper indoor air temperature. If this is the issue, then it’s best to call a service technician in order to have the box relocated to a better, more temperature-neutral position.

Insufficient Cool Air

If the air doesn’t seem to feel cool despite the air conditioning unit otherwise appearing to work fine, it might be due to one of two reasons. The first is the the temperature outside has risen to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the air conditioning unit is having difficulty keeping up. This might necessitate a HVAC upgrade, an investment that a homeowner should consider based on how often their area experiences extreme heat. Otherwise, the problem is likely due to the the wearing out or outright disappearance of the insulating sleeves covering the unit’s refrigerant lines. A minor fix here is to insulate the lines with new insulation sleeves. The cool air might not return in full force, but there’s likely to be a notable improvement in comfort.

Low Airflow

If the HVAC system appears to be releasing cool air less forcefully than it should be, it’s probably because the air filter has grown dirty or clogged. While most air conditioning issues necessitate professional input in order to be remedied, this one is an easy fix for a homeowner to take on. Simply buy a new filter, replace the old one with it, let the system run for a few minutes, and feel the strong, cold air flowing in anew.

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