Choosing the Best Air Purifying System for Your Home

Choosing the Best Air Purifying System for Your Home

When it comes to AC repair, Leesburg residents will often find that the same professionals who come in and make repairs are the ones who might also be helpful when you want an air purification system installed. The first step is learning more about air purification and the different systems that are available. Once you know about what is available, you can choose the right one for your needs.


HEPA Air Purification Systems


This is probably the most popular and well-known option. You often see advertisements for HEPA filtration and this is because it can be incredibly effective. This specific type of filtration is capable of removing some of the smallest particles from the air to ensure better air quality. As long as the particles are at least 0.3 microns in size, this type of system can nearly eradicate them entirely. This will result in air that is considerably cleaner and easier to breathe.


Air Purifiers Specifically for Allergies and Asthma


These air purifiers are focused on cleaning the air for those who suffer from different respiratory conditions, such as asthma or allergies. They might utilize HEPA filtration or something with similar efficacy, such as activated charcoal. No matter what they use, they are able to considerably decrease the airborne allergens that are floating around.


Medical-Grade Air Purifiers


This is a type that you are normally going to find in a healthcare environment; however, there are some circumstances in which they might also be installed in a home. The primary reason is that the person living there must have clean air in order to maintain their health. This could be due to being immunocompromised or having a severe respiratory issues. If someone thinks that this type of system is appropriate for their home, they should speak to a professional. While generally more costly, they work to keep the air in a home almost completely free from potentially hazardous impurities.


Air Purifiers Specifically for Smoke and Foul Odors


This type works specifically to help remove bad odors and smoke from the air. This is important if someone in the home smokes or you have pets. This can keep the air cleaner and make sure that it continues to smell fresher too.


You can see that an air purification system comes in several types. However, now that you know more about the types that are available, it will be a lot easier to choose the one that is going to be best for your home. If you want your system to work with your HVAC unit, talk to a professional for AC repair in Leesburg to determine if this is possible with your existing system.

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