Common Air Conditioning Issues That Are Easy (for Professionals) to Fix (Part 2)

Common Air Conditioning Issues That Are Easy (for Professionals) to Fix (Part 2)

Condensate Backup

Simply put, “condensate” refers to “water” in HVAC lingo. Running the air conditioning unit often may lead the condensate to overflow within the designated draining area. Additionally, it can result in a clogged condensate pipe. A condensate drain pan that isn’t mounted evenly can lead to spillage and leaks which may result in mildew or mold growth as well as notable structural damage surrounding the leak. Fortunately, while these issues would be too intricate for the average homeowner to take care of, a trusted Leesburg air conditioning repair person will be more than well-equipped enough to correct the issue.

Refrigerant Leak

This is a relatively minor and repairable issue, though it’s one of the main reasons why air conditioning systems can potentially fail with no prior warning right when the hottest day of the year arrives. Essentially refrigerant is a liquid that can transition easily into gas form then back again. The heater as well as the air conditioner both interact with the refrigerant in order to properly pull off their designated tasks. As refrigerant levels drop in the unit, it is no longer able to retain a cool indoor temperature. Typically, a leak is the culprit of a lack of refrigerant. Thankfully, once again, a seasoned HVAC contractor can easily take care of all refrigerant leaks that a unit might experience.

Condenser Malfunction

The condenser of an air conditioning unit heats liquid by pressurizing refrigerant. The condenser goes a long way in keeping indoor air temperature just the way a homeowner like it. This is why, when the temperature drops or rises below or above a homeowner’s liking, the reason may potentially fall back on the condenser. A common cause here is a tripped switch or blown fuse. If this is the case, homeowners can check the issue out themselves provided they have access to the breaker box. Conversely, the cause for the issue might be the accumulation of debris and dirt into the condenser itself. This may lead to the condenser functioning poorly, or it might even stop the condenser from performing its task at all. If the air conditioning unit appears to turn on and off at random, this is likely due to the condenser being in serious need of a decent cleaning. This can be brought up to a HVAC contractor during a maintenance or repair call.

Dirty Evaporator

A common issue that an AC unit’s evaporator might experience is excessive, prolonged contact with debris and dirt. This simply requires a decent cleaning which can be taken care of during a maintenance visit. However, the evaporator might also be in need of more refrigerant in order to function properly, which the HVAC contractor will be able to determine during an inspection.

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